How Much Does the ISO 9001 Certification Cost in Australia?

ISO 9001 certification cost in Australia

Do you know how much the ISO 9001 certification costs in Australia? To tell you the truth, there are no fixed costs when processing an ISO certification. Like any construction project, obtaining such certification is different, just like the rest. The reason is that prices depend on many factors.  

In the case of construction, the costs depend on quality, size, scope, and schedule. Meanwhile, ISO certification relies on unique aspects in terms of costs, like the systems, policies, and procedures in place, to name a few.  

If you want to learn more about the factors that affect the time and cost of ISO 9001 certification, continue reading this article. Take note of critical key points because what you are about to learn will help you when your organisation obtains any ISO certification in the near future.

Factors That May Affect ISO 9001 Certification Costs in Australia 

It is essential to determine how much it costs to obtain an ISO 9001 certification, so an organisation can know how much to allocate to its budget. While it can be challenging to identify the actual ISO 9001 accreditation costs without undergoing the entire process, understanding the factors that may impact them is the best way around. 

Check out the items in the list that may influence the costs of obtaining an ISO 9001 certification in Australia: 

1. Existing Systems, Policies, and Procedures 

Some organisations are almost there, while others are just getting started. No matter the progress, a Gap Analysis Audit is vital. Turn to a reliable consultant to conduct the analysis. As soon as the audit has been fulfilled, expect the following steps to be less complicated. 

2. The Scope of Products/Services Offered 

The larger the scope of products and/or services offered, the more ISO 9001 requirements are needed. Developing the system takes more time compared to a smaller scope of products and/or services.

3. The Company’s Size 

Big companies have more stakeholders, affecting the development and implementation requirements. But there is an alternative implementation strategy recommended for small, medium, and large enterprises to expedite the accreditation process. 

4. Is the Senior Management Team committed to Quality and Continuous Improvement? 

Believe it or not, there is a much higher likelihood of delayed schedules and limited adoption of the Quality Management System (QMS) if the quality culture does not come from the top.  

Hence, ask the company this question: Is the senior management team committed to quality and continuous improvement, or do they “just want the certificate”? The company’s answer to this question will bring new light to the accreditation process, including the ISO 9001 certification costs in Australia. 

5. Availability of Key Personnel 

Another contributor to the likelihood of delay and additional costs is the availability of key personnel. It is required to provide input into developing the ISO 9001 certification. Otherwise, the personnel will not have the system’s ownership. 

6. Qualifications of ISO Consultant

An in-demand ISO consultant may cost more than an inexperienced one. However, it does not guarantee that experienced ISO consultants have high-quality systems. Assess the consultant you work with and identify how you can save money in the long run. 

7. Current Established Strategic Plan 

A well-established strategic plan that provides a clear direction for operational activities is crucial. It is a significant first step in developing a compelling QMS. It means that making the accreditation process less complicated will save resources.

8. Required ISO Certifications 

Before the accreditation process, ensure the required number of ISO certifications. Is it a single-standard or a multi-standard certificate? When you have an answer to this, undergoing the accreditation process will be less hassle and more cost-efficient.

9. The Cost of the ISO Certification Auditors/JAS-ANZ Accredited Certification Body 

This is an annual cost with a certification/recertification audit every three years, followed by two annual surveillance audits. Learn more about this online on the JAS-ANZ website.

ISO 9001 Accreditation Cost in Australia

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